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Home Extensions Glasgow

Home extensions for Glasgow customers are much simpler and a far cheaper way of accommodating a growing family. For example, the property that a newly married couple bought a few years ago when they were first married just simply won’t accommodate the 3 children, dog and cat that they have today!

Today’s property market

Moving to a larger property may be the solution to the problem of needing more space but depending on the economic environment, this may not always be feasible. There’s the problem of selling, finding somewhere and, for some people, they may struggle with a larger mortgage.


Sometimes, like we’ve seen recently in the UK many houses are simpler not selling fast enough to accommodate the changes within families. The average house price in Glasgow is £131,619 with a detached property averaging £212,767. Whilst these figures do not seem too bad, the annual change in house prices in and around Glasgow saw an annual change in house process of -5% (Source: There were just over 2,000 sales completed in the first quarter of 2012 which for some might not be the news they are looking for!

The alternative solution

The alternative is to extend your current home.

Home extension for Glasgow customers is becoming increasingly popular choice, rather than face the disruption and uncertainty of selling and moving to a larger property. After all, teenagers do not want to share their bedrooms especially if they have friends over.

So how could you extend? Have you considered the following?

  • > Extending over the garage - adding at least one extra valuable room. This would all the luxury of space and privacy for the family-shy teenager!
  • > Converting the loft space – adding a fixed staircase is a necessity if you are to use the room as a bedroom or the alternative would be to add a ladder to make the room into a ‘hobby room’. Some people choose to have these spaces as an ‘upstairs lounge’ or entertaining area.
  • > Sunrooms or conservatories – add valuable extra space in the downstairs living space of a home. A well designed conservatory, which takes into account regulation, ventilation and heating requirements, will be an exciting and highly usable space.
  • > Re-working the space you have – simply moving walls to create an open plan kitchen and dining room can be a massive improvement and make even the smallest space far more versatile and flexible.

There are several options for home extension Glasgow clients to consider when looking to add space - and value - to your current property.

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